A Convenient and Happy Life in Applegate Valley


What's Applegate Valley like? It's a town where everything you need is right at your fingertips. You drive down the road and you'll see stores, diners, a fire station and a library at every turn.  Everything's just close by each other for everyone's convenience.

Just a few minutes away from the center of the community, there's also the Applegate Elementary School that has a great environment for learning and an amazing teaching staff that provides quality teaching to students.

A few notable places in the area is the Applegate Valley Lavender Farm where your eyes will be refreshed by a gorgeous sight of lavender flowers covering a vast area. They also sell lavender products like lavender honey, soap, mists and more. 


Unwind at the Applegate River Lodge 

Located within the heart of Applegate Valley, the Applegate River Lodge is a good place to unwind and relax. It lies on the banks of the Applegate River with loghouses and rooms that are available in different themes. Whether it's for honeymoons, weddings, birthdays or just social gatherings, the place has the perfect ambience that would suit every occasion.

If you want a place that has everything you need, why not come down to this lovely community. Search Applegate Valley real estate online, find a perfect home and live a convenient life. 

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