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June 24, 2017

Have Some Healthy And Tasty Sandwiches Here At Big Town Hero

Big Town Hero is located in Central Point, Oregon and it's one of the top places where you can have some healthy and fresh sandwiches at really affordable prices. The restaurant uses only the finest ingredients that are piled on their signature handcrafted bread.

All of their bread is made fresh every day and are handcrafted to perfection. Not to mention, it doesn't have any preservatives, artificial flavors or high fructose corn syrup. Also, their meats and cheeses are guaranteed fresh so from the moment you step right into their doorstep, you'll be served with the best sandwiches there is.

A must-try is their original sandwiches where you can choose from 1-4 meats in your order. The meat options are turkey, pastrami, dry salami, ham, roast beef, and chicken. Take note that all Original Heroes also come with cheddar & swiss cheese, tomato, pickles, lettuce, mayonnaise, and pepperoncini.

History Of Big Town Hero

Big Town Hero got its name from the word "Hero" which is an Italian term that refers to large homemade bread big enough for sharing. Now, that term is commonly called as the submarine sandwich but the restaurant wanted to maintain that name of the original handcrafted bread.

Big Town Hero is a locally-owned restaurant here in Southern Oregon and they have branches all over the place. But they can be found here at 205C Plaza Blvd. here at Central Point. You can also call them at (541) 665-5138.


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June 23, 2017

Enjoy The Goodness Of Hawaiian Hut's Meals Here In Central Point, Oregon

Never miss out on the delicious and mouthwatering meals of Hawaiian Hut. Large servings, exotic taste, and a unique dining experience await you here so make sure you stop by. Just like what their slogan says "We let the Teriyaki do the talking", their teriyaki meals will definitely satisfy your appetite.

Some of the must-try meals are the Volcanic Beef, Kalua Pig, Hula Hula Chicken, Royal Luau, Honolulu Noodle Mania, Hawaiian Chopped Steak, Hawaiian Hillbilly, Mauna Kea Lava Chicken, and the Kauau Garden Mix. No the mention, these meals come with rice and the iconic macaroni salad.

There are meals for kids such as the Little Kahuna which is made up of chopped boneless chicken, rice, macaroni salad, and drinks. Or you can try the Spammers Delight which is sliced spam, rice, pineapple, and macaroni salad.

They also have tasty beverages such as the Hawaiian Sun, Hawaiian Punch, Smoothies, and Shakes.

Operating Hours and Location

The Hawaiian Hut is located at 1333 Plaza Blvd. and it opens daily from 11:00 AM- 8:00 PM. You can also make your reservations by calling (541) 727-7042

What are you waiting for? If you're looking for something to fill up your appetite, then Hawaiian Hut is definitely for you.

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June 22, 2017

From Furniture, Collectibles To Clothes, Don't Sweat Because Picker's Paradise Has It


There's no joy that can match a shopper being in a big place with tons of affordable items to choose from. Well, if you want to have that kind of happiness, make sure you stop by Picker's Paradise here in Medford, Oregon.

This place is your one-stop-shop of all the things that you need. From furniture, toys, clothes, collectibles, books, equipment, bikes to clothes, you'll definitely enjoy shopping your hearts out. It's just a big place with a wide selection of items to choose from and they keep on adding more good stuff every day.

How about buying a sofa set that's still in excellent condition for only $600 or buy an awesome bike for only $65? If you're the type of shopper that values quality and affordability, then this place is perfect for you.

Location And Operating Hours

Picker's Paradise is located at 3404 South Pacific Highway. Pickers can visit anytime between 10:00 AM- 6:00 PM every day of the week. There are lots of treasures that you'll find here and you can't just do one visit because you'll surely keep coming back for more. The workers are also accommodation and friendly who would help you out with your needs.


June 21, 2017

Savor The Goodness Of Island Grindz Bento's Hearty Hawaiian Meals

If ever you get caught up in the hot weather of the Rogue Valley, make sure you stop by White City and get some refreshing treats at Island Grindz Bento. From their famous shaved ice to their mouthwatering plate lunches, this place is perfect for the ultimate Hawaiian experience.

Their own version of the bento which is a meal packed with carbohydrates and protein that comes with rice, pasta, grilled meat, and sauce is just hard to come by. Steak costs $8 and chicken costs $7 but if you get a combination of both, you'll get it around $10. Not to mention, you get to have tasty side-dishes such as the green salad or macaroni salad for every Bento meal that you purchase. But for the Veggie Bento, you can have other side options.

But it doesn't stop there because the "ono roll", a cigar-shaped treat that comes with cream cheese and imitation crabmeat, would definitely pump up your taste buds. Dipped in sweet-chili sauce with a hint of cilantro, every bite of the Ono roll's crunchy exterior and cheesy interior is just pure heaven.

Island Grindz Bento's Humble Beginnings

This Hawaiian success started from the bottom just like any other restaurant. Back then, it was just a small drive-up coffee stand which stood next to White City's range Co-op. It served specials such as the banana lumpia and the coconut-curry chicken but now it has more than enough meal options to satisfy everyone's cravings.

What are you waiting for? Don't miss a chance to visit this awesome restaurant and have a great Hawaiian dining experience here at Island Grindz Bento.


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June 20, 2017

Go On An Adventure With Friends And Family Here At Tunnel Ridge Trail

It's great to get out of the city once in a while and spend some time exploring the wonders of nature. Well, if you're here in Southern Oregon, a good place to do that would be at Tunnel Ridge Trail. It's an awesome trail where everyone can enjoy rich wildlife and beautiful sceneries.

It's an out and back trail with a distance of about 1.8 miles with an elevation gain of 544 feet. This trail is perfect for all skill levels and kids can even try it.

Tips And Directions

There's not a lot of amenities in the area so it's only good for day-use but there is a parking area available. The trail is easy but it starts out uphill so hikers do need to be prepared for that.

However, it does have some flat areas in some spots and when you reach the top, there will be a sign telling you the directions to the different trails. From there, take a left and just go straight until you find the tunnel which should be on the right side.

You do have to get down on your knees and crouch to get through the tunnel. But after all that, you will be rewarded with a memorable adventure and amazing views.


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June 19, 2017

Rogue Burrito Offers Fresh, Fast, And Delicious Mexican Food Here In Southern Oregon


Come on over and dig in some tasty and mouthwatering burritos here in Rogue River. With Rogue Burrito, you'll get to experience an assembly line type of service where you get to pick your own favorite meat, toppings, wraps, sauces, and more.

It all starts with the size of your Burrito and you have four options to choose from: Little Rogue, The Rogue, Big Rogue, and the Super Rogue. After that, you choose which type of meat you want for your order whether it's chicken, steak or pork.

Next, you can choose brown or white rice that would come with either pinto or black beans then choose whatever toppings you'd want for your burrito. The best part is the wide selection of salsas that the restaurant has and you have six choices depending on your preference and tolerance: Mild Tomatillo, Hot Smokin' Rogue, Mild Red Rogue, Very Hot Rogue Fire, Very Hot Mango Garlic Habanero, and Mild Mango Garlic Sauce.

Location And Operating Hours

Rogue Burrito is located at East Main St. Rogue River and you can contact them at (541) 299-0630 if you want to make some reservations. Operating times are from Tuesdays to Saturdays from 11:00 AM-7:00 PM. If you love Mexican, make sure you drop and have an amazing dining experience.

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June 17, 2017

Build Up Your Confidence At Central Point's HIGS GYM


If you want to develop strength, discipline, and self-confidence, then better train at HIGS GYM here at Central Point, Oregon. It's one of the top gyms in the city that offers professional training on parkour, jiu jitsu, and fitness facility for people of all ages.It features a 5,000 square foot indoor gym but it also has a 3-acre obstacle course outside. HIGS GYM offers its students specialized coaching and instruction where the trainers help students set goals to achieve success.

Programs Offered At HIGS GYM

The gym caters to both adults and teens. For adult programs, the gym provides dynamic classes that include learning new skills, practical application, and discipline. But at the same time, the training programs are fun and encouraging that helps students develop a positive outlook. 

The courses offered for adults include Next Level Fitness, MMA, Open Obstacle Course, Ladies Boxing Fitness, Functional Fitness, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

For the youth, it's also important to help them build self-confidence which is why there are Youth Parkour, Teen Parkour, Youth Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and Hit Like A Girl Programs being offered. You can check out HIGS GYM website to learn more about the different training programs offered.


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June 16, 2017

Experience Fun And Adventure With Fishing The Rogue


Do you love fishing? Well, if you do, do it with Fishing The Rogue which is one of the best fishing guides in the region. They offer professional and specialized year-round guided fishing trips on the upper and middle part of the Rogue River. If you want, you could also explore the Umpqua and the southern Oregon coast rivers where you could catch salmon and steelhead.

The trips are perfect for people of all ages and regardless of the season, you can enjoy the rich wildlife and natural attractions of the Rogue River with them.

Tours Offered At Fishing The Rogue

There are two types of trips being offered which are the Full-Day Guided Fishing Trip & Half-Day Guided Fishing Trip. The former costs $200/person for two or more people but costs $300 for only a single person while the latter costs $150/person for two or more people. 

You don't have to worry about anything and all you need to do is bring yourself and your license. Aside from that, everything is already prepared for you from the licensed fishing guide, boats, fishing gear, snacks, beverages, shuttle service, and lodging.  

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June 15, 2017

See's Candies Is Your One Stop Sweets Shop Here In Medford


Are you looking for one of the best chocolate and candy makers here in Medford? Well, the search is over because See's Candies will definitely satisfy your cravings. Not to mention, free samples and excellent customer service is what you'll get too apart from their wide selection of tasty treats.

For over 90 years, See's Candies has been offering its customers quality chocolates and candies. Mary See's is the one who started it all and she boasts of her recipes that use fresh and top quality ingredients. Now, her shop is found nationwide with over 200 branches spread across the country.

What's also great about See's Candies is that you can create your own custom made box filled with your own favorite treats. From dark, milk to white chocolate, you'll have tons of options to choose from. In fact, you can even do it online so try to check out their Custom Mix page on their website.

They also have treats for different occasions so you don't have to worry about choosing one because it's already set for you. Come and visit See's Candies here in Medford at 1251 E McAndrews Rd or call (541)858-0723 if you want to make a reservation.

June 14, 2017

Misoya Bistro Is Your Dining Destination For Asian Pacific Cuisine Here In Medford


If you love Asian Cuisine so much, then you need to try Misoya Bistro here in Medford which offers a wide selection of dishes coming from different countries all over the Asia Pacific Region. Regardless of the menu that you prefer, Misoya Bistro has it from Mongolian beef, Japanese steak to Korean seafood pancakes. Plus, it also serves vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free dishes too.

Some of the dishes that diners must try are the Spicy Seafood Bibimbop, Salmon Teriyaki, and the Shrimp Yaki Udon. There are also Bento Boxes, Tempuras, Rolls, and appetizers that you can choose from. There ar definitely more dishes for everyone to check out and if you want to know more about them, visit the Menu Page of the Misoya Bistro website.

Misoya Bistro Operating Hours 

The restaurant is open all throughout the week but on different schedules. From Mondays-Thursdays & Sundays, it's open from 11:00 AM-9:30 PM while it's open from 11:00 AM to midnight on Fridays & Saturdays. It's located at 235 Theater Alley and if you want to make a reservation, you can call 541-772-4120.

Don't miss out on this amazing place because you'll definitely have a memorable dining experience here. It's the perfect place to have some authentic Asian dishes that will satisfy your taste buds.


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