Go fishing on Grants Pass real estate.A true perk of owning Grants Pass real estate is the amazing opportunities that await exploring the outdoors. One such place that has unmatched natural beauty is the Rogue River. A great way to explore the Rogue River is on a fishing trip. Rogue Canyon Adventures offers talented and knowledgeable guides with top notch equipment. The head guide is Terry O’Connors, who is the most experienced guide on this river. He has been leading salmon and steelhead trips on these waters since 1968. Terry knows a ton about the river’s history, geography, wildlife and culture and is happy to enthusiastically share what he knows. This is a great opportunity to learn more about the area near your Grants Pass real estate.

Book a Guided Fishing Trip Near Your Grants Pass Home

The river is amazing in itself, but so are the fish who are making their journey upstream from the nearby Pacific Ocean. Cruise along the river in a drift boat and quiety cast your fly for the fish lurking below. The guides will help with technique, if needed, and finding the best spots. Choose from a 3 day lodge trip or a 4 day lodge trip, with accommodations in riverside lodges with private rooms, showers, and family style dining. Book a trip anytime in May, select dates in September, and select dates in October. Head out on the river to catch Spring Chinook in May, or late summer and fall for Chinook Salmon, Coho Salmon, and Steelhead. All visitors to the area and those who call Grants Pass home are invited to learn more about these fishing trips with Rogue Canyon Adventures