Enjoy The Great Outdoors In Butte Falls


 Have a sweet escape from the hustle and bustle of city life in the little town of Butte Falls. It's the perfect place to settle down where you can enjoy some fresh air, water, and sunshine.

Not to mention, its waterfall which the town was named after is a must see. Also get a chance to experience the Rogue River National Forest and commune with nature. If nature is what you're after, Butte Falls can offer that to everyone. 

Despite being a small town, it has a library, a school district, two museums and a historical society. Three local restaurants, The Old Steam Engine Barbecue, Sugar Pine and My Little BBQ, are also ready to satisfy your taste buds with some really good cooking. 

Be One With Nature At Willow Lake


Being surrounded by forests, mountains, and creeks, there are many outdoor activities that you can do in the area. The main attraction is Willow Lake where you can enjoy stunning landscapes and rich wildlife. You can camp near the lake and gaze upon the magnificent Mt. McLoughlin and witness wild animals like eagles, swallows, and deer. It's the perfect place to do a lot of recreational activities like hiking, fishing, boating and swimming. The place offers four cabins which are just perfect for family gatherings, special occasions or a romantic holiday.

The lake is just a short drive away from the Butte Falls about 7.5 miles east and is easily accessible for those people who want to relax and escape the worries of work life. Its vast 927-acre land filled with natural attractions and picturesque views will definitely make your stay worth while.

Butte Falls is the perfect example of a community that's one with nature. It's the perfect town for those who want to escape the city life and enjoy the great outdoors. Everything is at your reach when you come here so try to look aroud by searching Butte Falls real estate online and enjoy a virtual tour.

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