Where Time Slows Down For You

Cave Junction is a little town in the Illinois River Valley area and lies along highway 199. If you want to escape the fast-paced lifestyle of the city, come down to this place where time slows down for you. The people that live here loves to take their time when going about with their daily lives. You may see shoppers talking at grocery stores while at the check stands or see people just strolling around without worrying about anything.

There's also lots of places where you can eat to satisfy your tummy's cravings. Most of the restaurants are just along the highway like the River Valley Restaurant, Bagel Junction, King's Chines Cuisine, and Carlos Restaurante.

A Gateway To The Oregon Caves National Monument


If you love nature, visit the Oregon Caves and experience the beauty of nature with a myriad of rock formations decorating the cave. It's a tradition that's been done for many years now and you should be a part of that tradition too. There's also accommodations being offered in the area where guests from outside the town can stay for the night.

A town where people take their time to talk to each other is the kind of place that everyone should be a part of. It just shows how friendly and welcoming the community is so find a home in this area and search Cave Junction real estate online.