Lots Of Beautiful Places To See In Douglas County South


Douglas County South is just an hour and a half away from Medford and it's an exciting place full of natural wonders, rich wildlife, and lush green forests. There are so many opportunities to be one with nature in this place. But aside from that, you can also have a taste of the city life with lots of restaurants, schools, shopping centers, hotels, and parks. 

You can visit Seven Feathers Resort which is located in Canyonville and have a luxurious experience in this 4-star hotel. Pamper yourself with its spa services or satisfy your cravings with its delicious food. This place is also a venue for seasonal/year-round concerts and events. In fact, it holds the the Karaoke Tuesdays which is a weekly event.

If you want to be in the heart of Douglas County, you might want to go down to Roseburg. This city can offer everything that you need because it has a couple of schools, an airport, and other kinds of facilities. You won't get bored in this place because it has a big golf course (Roseburg Municipal Golf Course) and a couple of parks that lie along the banks of the South Umpqua River. This means that there's plenty of outdoor fun and activities that you can do in this area like golfing, running, camping, fishing, boating, and lots more. 

 When it comes to history and arts, you can also check out Umpqua Valley Arts Center & Galleries or the Douglas County Museum of History & Natural History. These are some of the gems that Douglas County South have aside from its natural attractions.


Enjoy The Wonders Of Nature In Umpqua National Forest And Wildlife Safari

Wildlife Safari is located in Winston and it's a beautiful place where people of all ages can witness different kinds of wildlife. It's known for its conservation programs and it's actually a part of international organizations that support the conservation of cheetahs and elephants. It also offers people a chance to get involved and learn about environmental conservation. You can either donate or volunteer if you want to help. 

But the Umpqua National Forest is also a must see because this 983,129-acre forest has some of the most amazing landscapes. There are lots of waterfalls, lakes, rivers, grasslands, and many more natural wonders that would just take your breath away. It has a diverse ecosystem with different kinds of plant and animal species living in it.


What more can you ask for? This place definitely has a lot of things in store for you. Let us help you find the perfect home so you can be a part of this great place.

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