So Many Places To See, So Many Things To Do


There are so many reasons why East Medford is the perfect place to live in. Here, you can enjoy the active lifestyle with lots of recreational activities to do and attractions to go to. This big town has a lot of big things in store for everyone.

One of the reasons why you should consider this place as your next home is that it has an airport. Having an airport in your area makes everything so easy. You can fly in and out of the city anytime you want whether it's for business, visiting families, or just spending a nice holiday vacation.

Some of the other important facilities found within the area are the hospital and the post office which are located in the heart of the city. A lot of schools that offer basic education are also present in the area so students and parents have many options to choose from. There are also lots of restaurants, shopping centers, and grocery stores in different parts of east Medford so you'll be able to buy the things that you need right away. 

If you want some time to unwind and relax, this place has a lot of parks where you can go to like Holmes Park, Bear Creek Park, and Hawthorne Park. But one of the most popular parks near this area is Prescott Park, which is a 1,740-acre park that has a dormant volcano called Roxy Ann Peak.

Golf and More Golf


East Medford is just so full of golf courses starting from the small courses to those big country clubs. If you just want to play a quick game for a day, head out to Quail Point Golf Course. But if you're looking for a big place to play, Centennial Golf Club and Rogue Valley Country Club are the ones for you.

There's no better place to enjoy that active life than in East Medford. If you want to be a part of this wonderful community, call us now and we'll help you find the perfect home.







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