A Life Away From The City But Everything Still Within Reach


Come on over to the little town of Lake Creek and get away from the busy roads and crowded streets of the city.

It got its name from a major stream that runs in the local area and the name just speaks for itself with the place being a quiet community that just keeps on moving forward.


It may not be one of the bigger areas in Jackson County but it has everything that you need right at your fingertips. Lake Creek has its own fire station and post office. You can also get some refreshing milkshakes and delicious sandwiches from the general store. Not to mention, the old café is also a good spot where you can hang out and eat good food.


The Lake Creek Grange also holds some minor events and trade fairs where the local community can have some fun and interact with each other.


Education In Lake Creek


The Jackson County School (district 9) is a competitive school with a nationally recognized FFA program that provides quality education for students. District 9 includes dual language programs and one-to-one iPads for Grades K-12. The class sizes are also small where innovative teachers can cater to the students' needs individually.


Competitive learning centers, accessible stores and local offices in a quiet area, this is the kind of community that everyone should be a part of. To know more about this place, look for Lake Creek real estate online.

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