Be Free From Your Worries Here In Murphy And North Applegate


The Murphy and North Applegate Area are both unincorporated communities that are right along Williams Highway. The Applegate River runs between these two communities so both places are really nice areas where you can do some water activities. You can spend a nice day along the riverbanks and go swimming or fishing.

There are actually a couple of facilities in Murphy. It has a post office, a general store, grocery stores, and even an animal clinic. Schools aren't also a problem because there are two institutions servicing the area. There's Lincoln Savage Middle School and Three Rivers School District right in the heart of Murphy.

If you go down to the North Applegate Area across the Applegate River, you'll also see a couple of facilities there. There's storage, a market, a nursery, and a few schools as well.

This area is a nice place if you want that quiet and peaceful life away from the city. You can just drive down the road, breathe fresh air, and smell the earthy scent of grass in the vast fields.


It's definitely a place that you should be a part of so let us help you find the perfect home so you'd enjoy this wonderful community. Give us a call or search Murphy/N.Applegate real estate online.

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