Surround Yourself with Nature in Ruch


If you're looking for a peaceful and non-crowded location for your new home, Ruch is the place for you. This small community is located in Jackson County and is surrounded by lush green trees and a calming nearby Applegate River.


It is the perfect location for everyone with its nearby attractions and activities. One highly recommended activity is visiting the Ruch Library. It is a conducive environment for learning and fun where kids can enjoy the wide variety of books available and interactive in-house toys.


It is also the home of two historical sites, Mckee Bridge and Star Ranger Station. One can enjoy strolling to through the Mckee Bridge on the way to the Mckee picnic ground near the Rogue River.


Ruch is also blessed with good food and one of its popular restaurants is the Honeysuckle Café. It serves dishes that are made from fresh and local ingredients. Another is the Café Ruch which is said to have great local sandwiches and delicious drinks.


Outdoor Activities in Raven's Landing 


If you love the great outdoors, Raven's Landing is one attraction located in the Woodrat Mountain. It is a hostel and a campground area that offers paragliding and hand gliding activities. It surely is a perfect weekend getaway near the community. 


With so many activities that people can do in Ruch, it's no wonder why a lot of people are moving in this happy community. Now, what's left to do is to find your own home and settle down in this amazing place by searching Ruch real estate online.

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