Experience Nature At Its Best In Selma


Let nature surround you by moving into Selma, a small town that's part of Illinois Valley and lies along Redwood Highway. It's a nice place surrounded by lush green trees and beautiful mountains which mean that there's going to be a lot of outdoor activities for you to do in this place.

There are a couple of hiking spots near Selma if you like to see some wildlife and stunning natural attractions. One of which is the Illinois River Trail where you'd get the chance to see picturesque views of river canyons and a wide variety of plants. It's also the shortest path to witness a rare plant species in the area, the Kalmiopsis.

It's a small convenient town where some facilities are within reach. It has a few gas stations, a market, and a grocery store.  There's also a couple of restaurants in the area and one notable name is Cheryl's Selma Bar and Grill. It's a great homey place where the neighborhood gets together, eat, and have fun.

Annual Events At Lake Selmac And Resort


Lake Selmac and Resort is one of the main attractions in Selma where people can go fishing, camping, swimming, boating and horseback riding. There's also an 18-hole mini golf course to play with your friends or family. 

The lake is a good fishing spot where you can catch bass, trout, crappie, bullheads, and bluegill. In fact, the lake has been designated by the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife as a trophy bass area.

But what's great about this place is that it holds yearly events where people can gather and enjoy the festivities. There's the Lake Selmac Fly Float in July, Kids' Fishing Derby in June and the Iron Horse Rodeo in early July.

Have the chance to enjoy and relax in the great outdoors of Selma. It's a peaceful and serene town that's perfect for everyone. Find a home now by searching for Selma real estate online.

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