A Place That's Full of Life


Why choose Southwest Medford as your next home? Well, it has everything that you need with the activities,events, attractions, and facilities that it can offer.

If you just go down along South Pacific Highway, you'll find a couple of fast food restaurants like Domino's, Burger King, Wendy's, and Mcdonalds. There are even more restaurants nearby if you just take the time to explore the area. Aside from that, there are also banks, grocery stores, and shopping areas where you can buy your basic needs.

Now, how about activities? You can try heading out to Union Park and Fichtner Mainwaring Park where you can have picnics, play sports or just have a nice relaxing time out in the field. There are also a couple of playgrounds for kids so these parks are definitely perfect for all ages. Or why not score a hole-in-one at the Stewart Meadows Golf Course and enjoy playing with your friends or family.

But aside from recreation, Southwest Medford also gives importance to education that's why it has a couple of schools in its area which are Southern Medford Highschool, Griffin Creek Elementary School, and Jefferson Elementary School. These schools can provide a nurturing environment for kids and teenagers so they would excel in academics, sports, arts, and many other aspects.


Watch And Cheer For Your Local Baseball Team


The Medford Rogues Baseball Club stadium lies along S. Pacific Highway and Lowry Ln. If you love baseball, join in the excitement of watching the Rogues play as they compete for the West Coast League Championship. It's the best way to enjoy the sport while spending quality time with your friends and family.

A place that's full of life is where your next home should be. Search for Southwest Medford real estate online or give us a call if you want to be a part of this amazing community.


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