Hokanson realty was amazing to us as we searched for the perfect home for almost a year. Whenever we found a new home to look at they met us at our convenience.


Hokanson realty was amazing to us as we searched for the perfect home for almost a year. Whenever we found a new home to look at they met us at our conveniance.


Hokanson Realty is a top notch company. From Jared Hokanson to Julianne in his office, they understood the market and took the time to discuss how to ready for sale the unique property that I had. They were extremely thorough in their follow up during the whole process. Julianne anticipated my questions and called me with updates on a regular basis.


Hokanson Realty is a top notch company. From Jared Hokanson to Julianne in his office, they understood the market and took the time to discuss how to ready for sale the unique property that I had. They were extremely thorough in their follow up during the whole process. Julianne anticipated my questions and called me with updates on a regular basis.


Hokanson Realty is a top notch company. From Jared Hokanson to Julianne in his office, they understood the market and took the time to discuss how to ready for sale the unique property that I had. They were extremely thorough in their follow up during the whole process. Julianne anticipated my questions and called me with updates on a regular basis.


Working with The Hokanson Group made our home buying experience what everyone wishes it could be; fun and easy. Every step of the way they were there, from showing us homes to answering all our questions. They even helped us to close the deal early. From our initial meeting to receiving our keys, they did a thoughtful and professional job. I definitely recommend their services.

Buyer-Barry and Samantha

I decided to go with The Hokanson Group because I was looking at short sale houses and I heard that this was the best group dealing with short sales.They were the first ones to respond to my email and it turned out they were the best Realtors. They worked very hard to find me the right house. I was very impressed with their knowledge and willingness. They never got frustrated or discouraged with me with all the emails, phone calls, and text messages.I would and have recommended The Hokanson Group to friends and co-workers. It was a pleasure working with them. I feel they went above and beyond to help me find the right house for me. They were very honest about all the houses we looked at. My experience buying my house was great! The Hokanson Group did everything they could to make buying a home fun. I feel like I made a new friend.

Buyer- Scott M.

"Two offers on our home"

After a cross-country move, we had tried unsuccessfully to sell our house for a year. Knowing that we needed a fresh perspective on selling our home, a friend recommended Jared to us as a Realtor who knew the Medford market and would work hard for us to sell our home for the best possible price. We interviewed Jared at length over the phone and he was able to answer every question that we had about why our house had not sold and to give us a detailed marketing strategy and honest appraisal of the current housing situation.Jared was in weekly contact with us regarding interest in our home, showings, and proper pricing. Within a month-and-a-half of listing with Jared, we had two offers on our home and we closed within a month.We are grateful for the time and effort Jared put into selling our home for the best price possible in this difficult housing market.

Seller- Kent & Debbie

"I was scared, but Jared put my fears to rest" When you finally admit that you have no choice but to sell your house or lose it to foreclosure you know that you have hit rock bottom. That is exactly what happened to my family one year ago. Now everybody has a story and ours was one of grief and depression. We managed to buy the house of our dreams only for it to turn into our nightmare. The stress of not being able to afford the house plus all the resbonsibilities that came along with it almost sent me over the edge. Then one day I called Jared Hokanson. This man was to change my life. I was scared, but Jared put my fears to rest by explaining the whole process of a short sale. He was always careful not to give legal advice but after speaking to him I felt informed enough to make decisions. We were sucessfull in selling our home before foreclosure. Jared and his team worked REALLY hard for me. I want them to know that without all their hard work my house would not have sold and I would be in such terrible debt that my family would have suffereed for years to come. I thank God every day that I picked up that phone and called Jared.

Thank You so very much!

Seller - Mary B.

"He looks out for his client's best interests."

Jared was the listing agent on my income property that was being listed as a "Short Sale". The task at hand was difficult at best. Short Sales take the strength of a giant, in order to see that sale to the end. Dealing with the banks and getting them to facilitate the transaction is a mile stone!!! Jared and his team were relentless when it came to dealing with the bank and taking tremendous care of me.The transaction has now closed and if you need someone to help in any Real Estate Transactions "Contact Jared". He is a great person, has integrity, is honest and ethical! He looks out for his client's best interests and in today's market that is the one quality that makes him stand out from the rest...

Seller - Michele K.

An example of professionalism!

Jared Hokanson is an outstanding agent. I have never met someone who works so hard for his clients. His follow-up and genuine concern for us as clients was amazing. I have been a corporate trainer for the past four years, and I would use him as an example of professionalism to all of my trainees. I am so grateful my brother-in-law referred him to us. After buying a house through him we actually referred him to my mother and mother-in-law! The fact that he has been consistently great and sold houses to four different branches of my family really says something. Thanks Jared!

Buyer - Tyrah & Joe

Confident listing my home with Jared. Jared Hokanson and the team The HOKANSON Group saved me from having my home go into foreclosure and sold it through a short sale instead. I felt confident listing my home with Jared and starting this process with him as his reputation for being very knowledgeable about short sales proceeded him. Jared and his team took care of me through the entire short sale, from listing to closing. I am so thankful to them for helping me through this difficult period. I would highly recommend Jared and The HOKANSON Group for selling your home no matter what the situation may be.

Buyer- Karen Anne Delugach

I had multiple offers with Jared Hokanson. I choose to work with The HOKANSON Group because of Dave Ramsey's recommendation and was impressed with what they offered. My expectations were not only met but exceeded! I had multiple offers on my home right when it went on the market and was in contract immediately. The HOKANSON Groups knowledge of the market and their marketing approach are unparalleled in Southern Oregon. Jared and his team took care of me through the entire process, from listing to closing. I would highly recommend Jared and The HOKANSON Group for selling your home.

Seller- Stewart

Jared stuck with me through three long years of searching for the right house at the right price in the right location. I never had any trouble making an appointment to see a house right away, and Jared had helpful answers to all of my questions. He was absolutely patient and easy going every time I turned down yet another house. When I finally found THE house, Jared was out of town, but he sent someone else from his office to get the buying process rolling right away. When price negotiations came into play, Jared had helpful and experienced advice, and my offer was accepted. Because it was a short sale, there was a lengthy wait for the bank's decision, but Jared kept me updated at every step. I was absolutely pleased with the help and service I received, and I would recommend Jared to anyone.

Buyer - 2015



I have used Jared in purchasing 5 rental homes in Southern Oregon. I relied on his negotiation skills and knowledge of the local market to get the best price on both distressed short sale properties as well as non distressed purchases. He is responsive and easy to work with as well as follows through with detail. I would highly recommend him to others and have done so.

Buyer - 2015

Before my husband and I decided which real estate agent to use for selling our home, we contacted three agents. Jared Hokanson called us back and came to our house with a packet of information a full day before the second agent called us back. We scheduled and conducted an in-home meeting before the third agent returned our voicemail. Jared's responsiveness is fantastic, and we felt he was invested in our best interest. In fact, he told us that due to the market at that time, we would not be able to meet our financial goals if we sold our home. Based on his advice, we postponed selling. A year later, he called us to say that the market had increased enough for us to be able to sell, and he and his team helped us sell our home quickly and purchase a new home in our price range. We recommended him to a family member who had a complicated home situation, and he helped her navigate extremely technical legal issues and sell a very hard-to-sell home. We've had an amazing experience working with Jared Hokanson, and we highly recommend him.

Seller - 2013

We have nothing but the best to say about Jared Hokanson and his team. They were consistently timely, thorough and gracious - and made the process of house-searching enjoyable rather than stressful. We're definitely life-time clients!


After hearing about Jared and his guarantee on selling 'your' home on a radio broadcast we contacted his office. Jared and his team worked diligently to sell our home in a few short months. Jared helped to make the experience move along with ease and professionalism, he provided us with outstanding assurance and commitment in selling our home. Working closely with Jared to sell our home is one of the best choices we've made. Thank You Jared! Greg & Carolyn Van Dyck


Loved working with Jared and he is very top notch and professional. He had our house sold for us in less than 5 months even while we lived out of state. He is the go to man of the whole southern Oregon area. Thank you for all your help, The Fishers.

Seller- 2013

Buying our first home, especially in this economic forecast, was a big decision for me and my husband. With so many factors to consider, we felt quite vulnerable. Jared Hokanson demonstrated exceptional professionalism combined with a relentless commitment. As a woman, buying your first home can be like preparing for your wedding day. The details for choosing a home can be a great challenge, from a woman's eyes. Jared's experience, patience and exceptional knowledge, gave to me, the assurances that built trust and confidence. He didn't just help us buy a home, he helped us purchase and plan the best investment for our future. If you are serious about your future investments in real-estate then let Jared Hokanson open the right door for you. Choosing Jared Hokanson was one of the best decisions we ever made. Thank you Jared.

Buyer - 2013

When it comes to a professional to help you buy or sell a home, you can't do any better than having Jared Hokanson as your agent. His temperament, honesty and integrity make him a pleasure to work with. I often hear from his clients how well he takes care of them and I highly recommend him for your real estate needs.


We tried selling our home with other agents. Jared was honest about the selling price and pushed hard to find the right buyers. He or someone in his office was always there to answer any question or concern we may have had. Our home sold in three months. Thanks, Jared.

Seller - 2015

Jared showed me many homes and help me write an offer on one. what is nice about Jared is there's no pressure he want you to feel good about your purchase. Jared has how me honestly and integrity with all my dealings with him.


Jared operates a very well ran business. Excellent service. Jared and his staff offer a wide range of services during the real estate transaction process. I highly recommend Jared at Hokanson Realty.

Seller - 2015

Jared sold our house before it even had a chance to hit the market with his pre listing option. He was more than fare on his fees and made the whole process so extremely simple. I will use him again and recommend him to anyone that is buying or selling a house.


I have purchased and sold several different homes over the last 5 years with Jared and his team. His integrity, customer service, follow up, knowledge of the market, and professionalism are why I will buy/sell my next home with Jared, which ultimately is the highest compliment I can give.


Our new home the Hokanson Team helped us buy is great, but it's the friendship and kindness they showed me that my wife and I value the most! Having this group on my side DEFINITELY gave us an advantage over other buyers in our area. Thank you Kirk, Aleks and Brian!!!

Buyer- 2015

Jared Hokanson and his office staff were exceptional to work with. Their professionalism, guidance, and responsiveness were excellent from start to finish in the selling of our house. Jared gave great advice to my husband and I throughout the entire process from deciding to list the house, to improvements we made to get the house ready for listing, and navigating us through the entire process. Although we live three hours from Gold Hill, Jared and his staff made it very convenient and easy for us to complete all the paper work and transactions.

Seller -2015

We were given perfect customer service! The whole team was Incredibly prompt and easy to talk to. Nothing could be simpler. We would use him again with glee!!!

Seller- 2014

Jared and the team at Hokanson Realty were amazing in helping me find, and buy a home from out of state. I came out to Oregon for 3 days and had homes I wanted to look at. My realtor knew what I wanted and was more than willing to go through and look at all my choices. After choosing a home he was flexible in communication, using email, SMS, Docusign, and got my purchase finalized. I was updated on the progress of the transaction every step of the way and was never left in the dark about what was happening. I wanted repairs done on the property and Hokanson Realty put it all together for me and were able to negotiate the funds to come out of escrow rather than my pocket. It has been my great pleasure to work with Jared and his team and I WILL DEFINITELY be recommending them and their services to anyone looking to relocate to Oregon as well as anyone locally looking for the best of the best.


Jared is very professional and knowledgeable about what he does. His whole team was a joy to work with and made the process of selling our home that much easierI wouldn't work with anyone else.


Jared is an exceptionally capable and educated Realtor. He knows the market and uses his knowledge to serve his clients very well. I highly recommend him over other professionals in the business for his integrity and efforts. He's a great negotiator and problem solving businessman.

Seller- 2014

Jared was very attentive and professional. We got multiple offers on my house the first day it was listed and ended up with a higher selling price than what it was listed for!

Seller- 2013

Jared is a very fine real estate professional. He goes the extra mile for his clients. I would recommend him highly. I have referred his services to several people. He deserves realtor of the year.

Seller- 2013