Endless Attractions And Activities Is What West Klamath County Offers

Good old Klamath County, home of the famous Crater Lake. This magnificent land is just full of natural wonders in every corner. Everywhere you lay your eyes on, there's always great things to see and do, especially in West Klamath County.

The western part of Klamath County is a gorgeous area full of stunning blue lakes, towering mountains, and lush green forests. Living in this part of Klamath is just like being one with mother nature. 

Great Communities In West Klamath County

So what are your options if you want to be a part of this place? Well, there are a couple of unincorporated communities in this part of the county that can offer you a simple, peaceful, and country kind of lifestyle. 

West Klamath Falls-A perfect place for people who want to be away from the city but still have easy access to it. West Klamath Falls boasts of its open fields, vast lands, and natural attractions where residents can have the unsophisticated life. But aside from that, you still get to have stylish homes and amazing amenities.

Fort Klamath- This historic town was once a military outpost and it's just a couple of minutes away from the Fort Klamath Site and the Fort Klamath Museum. It's also just southeast of the Sun Pass State Forest so there's surely lots of things to do here. It's located along the Volcanic Legacy Scenic Byway and Nicholson Road and it has a few amenities that can cater to your basic needs. 

Chiloquin- Another pleasant town that's right along the Dalles-California Highway which has developed housing areas, schools, an airport, a post office, and lots more. But despite its steps toward modernization, it still maintains its natural landscapes and waterscapes. You have the Agency Lake to the west and the Wood River Wetlands to the north which are just beautiful places to see.

Chemult-Going farther to the north of Klamath County is the lovely community of Chemult which as a small town that has a lot of things to offer. It does have a couple of services and goods that are offered by its local shops from lodging homes, gasoline stations, restaurants, to markets.

Crescent & Gilchrist- These two communities are located along the Dalles-California Highway at the edge of Klamath County all the way up to the north. They're just a few minutes away from each other and both towns complement each other as well when it comes to the services and goods that they offer to their residents. They have stores, gasoline stations, inns, restaurants, and shops. These two towns are also just an hour and a half away from Klamath Falls.

Attractions To See

There are more communities in this part of the county but enough of that for now because the attractions that you'll see in this place deserve to be mentioned.

The Crater Lake National Park, the deepest lake in  North America, is one of those attractions. Its picturesque views, rich wildlife, and amazing activities that it offers are unrivaled by any other. Guests can go on volcano boat cruises and tour around the lake while having the chance to visit Wizard Island. There are also hiking trails so people would have a chance to appreciate the different plants and animal species in the area.

Aside from that, snow lovers can also enjoy various winter activities in some of its mountains. You can check out Brown Mountain, Walt Haring Sno-Park, and Pelican Butte. Guests can do skiing, snowboarding, boondocking, and much more.

One can go on forever talking about the beautiful things that West Klamath County can offer but it's much better if you'd see for yourself. In fact, how about looking for a nice lovely home in this part of the county and enjoy unlimited attractions and activities. Check out jaredhokanson.com and look for available homes near West Klamath County real estate.