A Place That You Can Call Home


West Medford is the perfect place to find your dream home, settle down, and live the life that you've always wanted. It's a place that's ideal for everyone.

This place is blessed to have a couple of nearby schools starting from nursery to high school so your kids would get the kind of education that they deserve. The Family Nurturing Center near North Oakdale Avenue is a nursery school that offers a great program for kids in a nurturing environment. There's also Washington Elementary School that aims to provide a high standard of education compatible with the special needs of its students. Another one is the Mcloughlin Middle School at West 2nd Street which is a learning institution dedicated to help kids succeed in their crucial stages of life. You also have the Central Medford High School located in Oakdale Avenue which is a learning environment that offers a variety of programs to help students connect academic learning to real life skills. 

This town is also a family oriented community. The Kid Time Children's Museum is a child-friendly attraction that mixes learning with fun where both parents and children can surely enjoy. There's also the Children's Advocacy Center on West 10th Street that is an organization which helps abused children by providing them a home environment. 

This community is also complete with facilities having a library on Central Avenue and a postal office on South Riverside Avenue. You'll also feel safe within this town with the Medford Police Department just along South Ivy St.

West Medford is a convenient location that has access to facilities and attractions nearby. It has many activities that would be suited to your liking and it is complete with shops and stores that can provide for your daily needs. Be a part of this wonderful place and give us a call now.

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