Great Places and Great People in Wimer


Welcome to Wimer area!  It's a community that lies near Evans Creek and is just 38 minutes away from Medford. It's also home to the classic Wimer covered bridge.

The original bridge collapsed into the creek but a new one was built after the image of the original one. Despite being a replica, it's still a significant landmark that best symbolizes Wimer as a strong and tight-knit community.

Just right next to the covered bridge is the Wimer Market and Video which is a common meeting place for the locals. It's a one-stop shop/hangout place where you can buy the stuff that you need. If you love nature, take a walk or do some bird watching at May Ellis Park which is a wildlife preserve and nature area. There's lots of recreational activities to do in this area.


A Community That Values Education


When it comes to education, Evans Valley Education Co-op is a good learning place for kids. This learning center was a result of the shutdown of the Evans Valley Elementary School in 2011. The community took the initiative to make a cooperative of parents and teachers whose goal is to provide individual assistance to students as they learn academics in a unique, real-life environment.

If you're looking for a tight-knit community that looks after each other, search no more, because Wimer got you covered. Make the right move now by searching for Wimer real estate online.

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