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Sept. 20, 2018

12 Things to Buy After Buying Your Home

12 Things to Buy After Buying Your Home

                So it has happened. You got the keys. You twisted the doorknob open. You smile as you are ready to experience your new home but oh no! There’s nothing inside!

                There are so many things to buy to complete your home but which should you buy first? Here are the 12 things to consider.

1. New Lock

                This is the very first thing to do to ensure your safety. The new padlock and key will surely give you a certain security.

2. Tools and Repair Items

                You may hate it but it is a fact that there are times when our house will let us down. Things will go out of hand but you can fix it on your own when you have the tools and repair items.

3. Towels and Floor Coverings

                Carpets, doormats, and towels in the bathroom are very essential since they are important. They are the materials we use to wipe on our feet or our face. Also, the floor coverings especially add beauty to your home.

4. Window Coverings

                What is more to ask? Curtain and drapes of different colors and patterns placed by your window adds more edge to your home’s beauty. It sure makes your home look unempty.

5. Kitchen Items

                Of course, you must buy dishes, forks and spoons, knives, and everything that is needed for cooking.

6. Couch

                To make yourself comfortable in your own living room, you need to choose a couch that will give you the feeling of heaven. This will also be helpful when you have visitors.

7. Dining Area Tables and Chairs

                This must also be prioritized because this is where you’ll eat. It is always nice to spend your meal using the best furniture.

8. Trash Bags

                Trash bags are very important. This avoids the spreading of dirt all over your house. They come cheaper than the other ones mentioned in the list so there’s no excuse not to buy this.

9. Light Bulbs

                This is self-explanatory. All rooms need this so we could see what you’re doing and where you’re going.

10. Toiletries

                Soap, shampoo, conditioner, and other hygienic essentials placed on the bathroom sink are important too. It is something you do for yourself and it makes the compartment in your bathroom look tidy.

11. Tissues

                Aside from the fact that it is needed in the bathroom, it is also needed everywhere. Another part of the group that provides hygiene, it gives cleanliness to the home. It is something you can use on the furniture when they are dusty.

12. Laundry Detergent

                Washing your clothes in the laundry area is not possible without the laundry detergent. This should be bought without any further delay.

                Buying the 12 listed home essentials will be the next step after you’ve bought your home. Make sure to comply this to fully enjoy your new house.

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Sept. 17, 2018

8 Easy Steps to Make Your House Ready to Sell

8 Easy Steps to Make Your House Ready to Sell

                The time has come. This is your moment to sell your home to someone who is searching for theirs. But is your home ready? Is it ready to be sold? Well, you can make it ready with these 8 easy steps listed below:

1. Always remember why you placed your house for sale in the first place. There will be moments where you’ll be discouraged. Real estate is not a business where you can earn in one snap of a finger. There will times of discouragement. But if you hold on to the reason why, then you will be motivated.

2. Let go of emotional attachments in your house. Yes, you’ve spent a long period of time in your home and there are treasured memories. It might hold you back when you are selling so you have to remember: you must not associate yourself with this house anymore. Let go of whatever emotions you feel with it and just start anew with your next home.

3. Make the space look bigger. You could do this by removing the furniture that isn’t necessary. When you do so, the space becomes bigger and it makes the house larger than it actually is. It will really entice the potential buyer.

4. Get someone else and ask for her opinion. Sometimes we think that our home is ready for selling but people shake their heads about that. Always remember that we all have different opinions and in this case, you must seek the opinion of others. Get someone or maybe even a lot of people and ask for their opinions. It could help you out.

5. De-clutter your home. We are back to removing unnecessary items again. Aside from making the space look bigger, de-cluttering makes it look clean. While you clean up, you might also encounter items you thought you’ve lost. Keeping them as a sentiment will help you get yourself emotionally detached from your house.

6. Paint your home. Nobody likes to buy a home that looks old. Faded colored walls are one of those signs of aging houses. So grab a brush and choose your favorite color. Paint it all over the wall. It will look brand new.

7. Prepare for meticulous clients. There will always be clients who will inspect every corner of the house. They would check the cabinets, drawers, and the cupboards too. So make sure to keep your patience long and lasting. As soon as they stop inspecting, they might be impressed and buy your house in an instant!

8. Think like a salesperson. This is the most important part. You have to be someone who is business minded. When you call your real estate agent and make a collaboration between you two, business should be thought through.

                Here you go! Follow all these steps and your Southern Oregon home is ready to go!

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Sept. 13, 2018

Make your Medford Home Visitor Ready!

 Impromptu visits are the ones we least expect. So in these moments, we have to be ready. The question is . . . how? How do we make our guests feel comfortable with our home? Here are some tips.

-          Keep your home clean. Tidying your space will make the guests feel very comfortable. It has always been said that if a house isn’t attractive visually, it becomes attractive when it is neat and tidy. That is true. Visitors will be very impressed as soon as they see the cleanliness of the place. Also, this isn’t just for visitors’ sake. This is for you as a homeowner.


-          Make sure your fridge isn’t empty. Your hospitality could be shown when you offer some meal to your visitors. Make sure that there is good food stored in the fridge—one that doesn’t need to be cooked. It could be desserts like ice cream, muffin, or cake. Your visitors will appreciate it.


-          Have two sets of sheets. Who knows? Maybe your surprise guest is a very close friend who is up for an overnight stay. Of course, you would want him or her to feel comfortable during her whole night stay. Therefore, you should have two bed sheets. The backup bed sheet is for the visitor’s comfy stay.

Those are the tips in making your Medford home visitor ready! Do this and you’ll have no worries when somebody visits you without warning.

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Sept. 11, 2018

FALL in love with your Grants Pass Home Even More this Autumn!

FALL in love with your Grants Pass Home Even More this Autumn!


                Autumn is fast-approaching so make sure your Grants Pass home is ready for this upcoming season! Here are the three ways you can fall in love with your home:


1. Change the colors inside your home. The autumn colors are a mixture of red, yellow, brown, and orange. You can change your curtains into this color or the small pillows on your sofa. Even your bed can also have this color. This simple act alone pays tribute to the autumn season in your Grants Pass home.


2. Make crafts out of autumn leaves. Autumn leaves don’t contain the natural colors that a leaf should have and that what makes it unique and aesthetic. There’s just something about its appearance and its darkened glow that’s enticing to the eyes. You can put it in a frame or you could make a wall art using it in your home. Make art out of these leaves.


3. Just play with the leaves in your backyard! Yes, that’s how simple it is to enjoy the season. Get to your backyard or any area outside where the autumn leaves are falling. Enjoy as you throw it to the air and feel it falling to your face all the way to your feet!


                Go ahead and get your Grants Pass home ready for this annual season where brightness is all around the place. You’ll surely fall in love with the autumn aura of your home!

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Sept. 10, 2018

5 Books to Read When Staying Inside Your Ashland Home

5 Books to Read When Staying Inside Your Ashland Home


                The overwhelming feeling of clarity is found inside your Ashland home. Why not make the feeling more intense by reading a great book?


                The perfect day will be sitting down your comfy couch while flipping through the pages of a lovely book.


                Here are the 5 recommended books that will surely make you feel good in your Ashland home:


1. IT ENDS WITH US by Colleen Hoover


Why read it?


It is a touching romance novel tackling a serious issue faced by society today. The characters feel so real and you couldn’t get enough of them. Also, the author’s note will make you cry.


2. THE STORYTELLER by Jodi Picoult


Why read it?


Forgiveness is deeply talked about in this book. It is a story that is based on one of the world’s worst events. Well-researched and beaming with accuracy, Picoult gave her best in this story.


3.  AND THEN THERE WERE NONE by Agatha Christie


Why read it?


It is a classic mystery book! Ten strangers trapped in an island and they die one by one. The last chapter is a huge surprise. Agatha Christie is indeed the best!


4. TWENTIES GIRL by Sophie Kinsella


Why read it?


                Chick Literature is the kind of genre that brings out the elements of being a girl—all the fun, heartaches, friendships, career, and relationship ups and downs. In this novel by Kinsella, you’ll meet a ghost story that could make you feel a roller coaster of emotions . . . well, except fear.




Why read it?


                Poetry is the color of the soul. In this book full of magical words, you will be in awe of Lang Leav’s poetic approach to love and its misadventure. Who knows? Maybe you can relate!


                Enjoy your stay at your Ashland home even more by reading these five books!

Sept. 5, 2018

Your Medford Kitchen is Incomplete Without These

    It is no secret that Medford homes boast the best kitchens in the whole Southern Oregon. Who doesn’t want a great kitchen? However, there are foods in the kitchen you cannot live without. Here is the list:


·         Egg


Having eggs in your kitchen is a major help. When you are in a stressful rushed

Morning, you can cook it quickly. And everybody knows that egg is the most “versatile” food. You can make it sunny side up, fried, or boiled. These eggs are needed for baking too!


·         Garlic


Garlic is one of the best seasonings as it allows your food to have more

flavour. Soups, sautés, and marinades are done with garlic.


·         Beans


As a great source of protein and fiber, beans give great health. Also, beans are needed when making salad. Once you store them, there’s no need to rush in making one. Plus, beans are inexpensive.


·         Honey


Sweetener? Yes, honey. All puns aside, honey lasts for years in the kitchen. When making a dish that needs to be sweetened, then there is the use of honey.


                Make your Medford homes have the best kitchen. Store these foods now and you will always be prepared for your chef moments.

Sept. 4, 2018

Best Flowers to Grow in Your Grants Pass Backyard

Best Flowers to Grow in Your Grants Pass Backyard

                What makes the backyard attractive aside from the lush green grass and the simple but beautiful sight of a garden hose sprinkling like water as it rains, are the flowers that are so colorful.

                Here below is the list of flowers perfect for your Grants Pass home:

1. Rhododendron

                Aside from their marvellous variation of colors, what makes this flower a great choice is the fact that it can last nice and bushy for the whole year.

2. Roses

                Who doesn’t know that roses are classic? From Alice in Wonderland and to modern style of dating today, roses are everywhere. Why not in your backyard?

3. Hydrangea

                This comes with different sizes, particularly from medium to large. They last longer and during a long period, beauty shows off from this flower. With its color and partial shade, hydrangea is definitely a top choice!

4. Daisies

                Fun fact about daisies is that they grow fast and they grow a lot. You’re going to wake up one day surprised that the daisies are everywhere in your garden. There’s nothing wrong with that because it makes your garden even more attractive.

5. Dahlia

                Aside from its unique petals, dahlias are low maintenance. You don’t need to put in much effort in maintaining them unlike the five flowers which are mentioned above.

                Start planting them in your Grants Pass homes backyards now!

Sept. 3, 2018

Ashland Homes can be Tidy by Avoiding Sentimentalism

Ashland Homes can be Tidy by Avoiding Sentimentalism


                Believe it or not, being sentimental makes your place untidy. Look at the corner of your house. Look at the spaces that are filled with materials that you no longer use. Yes, they are old. Yes, they are not used anymore. Why are they kept? Because of the nostalgia it brings.


                But the question is: Is Nostalgia worth it?


                Your Ashland, Oregon home can be made tidy if you dispose the material or furniture that is no longer of use. Once you dispose them or give them to those who lack furniture in their house, there you will appreciate the spacious feeling inside your home. You can do so much more with the space like making a shelf or putting another sofa so that more visitors can sit.


                Memories are indeed a huge treasure but what’s more important is the tidiness of your own comfort at home. Tidiness is not just the act of using the vacuum. It is also an act of decluttering.


                Let go of nostalgia and welcome a new you in your new spacious home!

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Aug. 28, 2018

Let’s Go to Caveman Bridge, Grants Pass Oregon

                Feed your wanderlust by going to Grants Pass.

                Grants Pass is a place in Southern Oregon where you can see the Caveman Bridge. It is one of the beautiful landmarks in Grants Pass.

                With its artsy arches, light pole rail detail, and the hanging flower baskets on the arch verticals, and not to mention its general view from the West, some people tend to visit and ended up staying at home.

                Aside from the fact that the traveller in you gets satisfied, you also get to have the potential of finding your true home. Once you look around, you get to see homeowners flashing pictures of the bridge. When you look at the smiles on their faces, you get to see that you can become like them.

                Be a traveller and a homeowner.

                Visit Caveman Bridge, Grants Pass Oregon.

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Aug. 27, 2018

Lithia Park: A Haven in Ashland, Oregon

Lithia Park: A Haven in Ashland, Oregon

                The city of Ashland in Oregon makes the homeowners very happy and always on the go, because of the presence of Lithia Park. However, not every resident goes out and takes a visit. If you are one these residents then you should try going to Lithia Park.

                Here’s why:

                Lithia Park is the crown jewel as it is a 100-acre panorama of emerald lawns, tennis courts, picnic areas, playground equipment, and a sand-pit volleyball court. There are also dog friendly areas for those who want their dogs and environment to be both clean at the same time.

                The ambiance of Lithia Park is also very peaceful. The flowers are all around the area and the colors are very pleasing to the eyes. Lithia Park is indeed a must-go.

                Ashland homeowners should visit this park.

                And if you’re not a homeowner? Then you should be!

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