10 Things to Do to Sell Your House as a “For Sale by Owner” in Southern Oregon


                Selling your home without an agent? It surely is a very tough challenge. But we’ve got the list to help you out. Presenting the 10 steps to sell your house as a “For Sale by Owner” in Southern Oregon:


1. Work Your Hardest


                Remember this: you are doing this alone. With such independence, you have to exhort more effort and work doubly hard compared to having a real estate agent with you.


2. Get Ready to Spend for Advertising


                Yes, buyers will buy directly from you but it doesn’t make you an exception for spending a dime. In fact, you are going to spend a lot for advertising your home. Publish it online or in the newspaper. Hey, it’s worth it!


3. Charge the Right Price


                Check out your house and make sure that your charge matches well. Don’t underrate it nor overrate it. Be reasonable when it comes to pricing.


4. Hold an Open House


                This comes as another investment. You have to schedule a day where you could invite potential buyers to come and explore your home. Yes, it may come with a little socialization, food, and drinks, but you might gain a buyer right then and there.


5.  Know Your Property’s Selling Points


                When you promote your home or property, focus on its strength. If it has an outstanding backyard, then emphasize it. If the plumbing is superb, then show it to the world. Focus on the best side!


6. Perform Your Own Negotiations


                This is the part where you have to be tough. Buyers will be buyers. They would inevitably negotiate. Just fight for what you think is right but at the same time, don’t lose your temper.


7. Comply Laws in Your Area


                Of course, you have to be obedient. Follow Oregon’s law. Make sure the process is legal all the way.