12 Steps to Buying a Home in Southern Oregon


                Need a guide in buying a home in Southern Oregon? Here are the 12 steps!


#1: Research about Southern Oregon


                It is important for you to have an overview or basic knowledge about the place you are about to live in. In this case, you should study about Southern Oregon. Is this place the right one for you? Do you prefer other places?


#2: Check if your finances are in good shape


                Money is the most important thing to consider. Do you have the sufficient means to this home you’re about to buy? Put yourself in a good position by wise real estate budgeting.


#3: Get a good lawyer


                Buying a home means getting to sign contracts and having to make agreements. Make sure you get the right lawyer so you could be guided well with these.


#4: Get prequalified and preapproved for mortgage


                As the lender looks into your credit reports, employment histories, and incomes, then he could determine the best loan program for you. Here you can know the maximum amount you can borrow and the interest rates they can offer.


#5: Determine your wants and needs


                What are you really searching for in a home? Do you want a bigger bathroom? Do you want five bedrooms? This is important to determine so you could estimate the size of your potential home and its rate.


#6: Get a real estate agent


                The advice here for you is to listen to your friends. They will suggest someone for you and this highly recommended agent is not recommended for no reason.


#7: Start searching for your new home


                This part is probably the most enjoyable one and the hardest do. Go from area to area of Southern Oregon until you find the one home that’s right for you.




#8: Come up with a down payment


                There is what we call a “lag time”. It means a time to think. But you are going to waste time doing so. So start thinking about the finances of your chosen home. You should consider the down payment. Just a bit of a warning though: if you keep it to a zero down payment, then it means that in its early days with you, you don’t have a shared percentage of the house and it belongs to the bank. So better have a down payment.


#9: Make an offer


                Come up with the offer. The down payment you thought about is part of this too. Make sure your offer is reasonable.


#10: Negotiate the offer


                This may be stressful but this is the opportunity where you can present your ideas as a buyer and vice versa with the seller. The offer will be thoroughly negotiated until it’s undoubtedly ready for its new homeowner.


#11: Find an independent inspector


                Your real estate agent will surely suggest one inspector but be careful because he might be biased. So the best solution is to get your own inspector.


#12: Sign the Contract


                And there you go, agreements and negotiations done, welcome to your new home!