Why Ashland First Fridays are Beautiful

                Ashland is a city in Southern Oregon known for the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. For that, it is no surprise that artistry and appreciation of art is one of Ashland’s identifying traits. This is shown not only in the Shakespeare Festival but in the First Friday.

                All-year round, every first Friday, there is an art walk located in Ashland Art Center. The soothing visuals, lovely conversations, delicious treats, and relaxing music happens while the lovely image is exhibited. The art walk goes on and on around the Historical Downtown and Railroad Districts.

                You will also never get lost during the artwork because there is an online map provided to guide you in which direction to go.

                Every first Fridays are beautiful and full of art, literally and figuratively, in the city of Ashland. Living here feels like art—it will always make you see the beauty in everything.