Abby’s Legendary Pizza: A Legendary Restaurant in Medford

                If you are living in Medford, then you have surely tasted the mouth-watering recipes found in Abby’s Legendary Pizza.

                Having over thirty branches, Abby’s Legendary Pizza has satisfied more than thousands of tummies with an explosion inside the mouth and leaving an aftermath sensation even when the food has rolled down your throat.

                The Bacon + Bacon + Cheddar Cheese is one of their very best recipes and what a great news because it is now featured in a 16” Giant Size for just $18.99.

                Also, you should be excited about the Cinammon Knots and Garlic Knots. These new addition to the already dainty menu just raises the excitement when you go to the restaurant. These two Bread Knots will untie the foodie in you.

                Living in Medford surely does have its perks. Abby’s Legendary Pizza is proof that living in Medford is legen-wait for it-DARY!