Pizza is considered to be among the most popular comfort food.  Nevertheless, you should not just settle for any pizza, you may want to try Angelo’s Pizza. The best thing about this pizza is that it holds extra cheese which can truly be tempting not to try.  Another best thing that it is that it offers lean meat; making it tasty but healthy. Lean meat is low in saturated which will make you guilty free while eating Angelo’s Pizza. A slice of this pizza will surely brighten your day.

The best thing about Angelo’s pizza is that it is loaded with fresh vegetables. A right balance of meat and vegetable will surely make your pizza experience worth it. This is also a great chance for you to introduce vegetable to your child. By letting them eat vegetable topped in this pizza you are making them have a good impression about vegetables. It can also offer a whole grain crust. This kind of crust can offer you more protein, fiber, and nutrients, which may include calcium, magnesium, and potassium. This is indeed among the most guilty-free pizza you can ever try.

If you are too excited to try this then you visit it at 2161 West Main,  Medford and open from  Sunday - Thursday from 11:00am - 9:00 pm and during  Friday - Saturday it is open from 11:00am - 10:00pm. Nonetheless, if you are too busy or too tired then you may just call 541-773-2022 and have this tasty pizza delivered right in front of your doorstep.