Ashland Homes can be Tidy by Avoiding Sentimentalism


                Believe it or not, being sentimental makes your place untidy. Look at the corner of your house. Look at the spaces that are filled with materials that you no longer use. Yes, they are old. Yes, they are not used anymore. Why are they kept? Because of the nostalgia it brings.


                But the question is: Is Nostalgia worth it?


                Your Ashland, Oregon home can be made tidy if you dispose the material or furniture that is no longer of use. Once you dispose them or give them to those who lack furniture in their house, there you will appreciate the spacious feeling inside your home. You can do so much more with the space like making a shelf or putting another sofa so that more visitors can sit.


                Memories are indeed a huge treasure but what’s more important is the tidiness of your own comfort at home. Tidiness is not just the act of using the vacuum. It is also an act of decluttering.


                Let go of nostalgia and welcome a new you in your new spacious home!