No one does catering better here in the Rogue Valley than The Flying Pig BBQ Catering. If you're after some mouthwatering and delicious Southern-style cooking, then they got you covered. From ribs, grilled chicken, pulled pork to smoked sausages, you'll have that big appetite of yours satisfied.

The main goal of The Flying Pig BBQ is to bring their award winning Memphis Style BBQ to your plate. They deliver or cook onsite depending on your needs.

A minimum of 20 guests and a 50% down payment is all you need and you're good to go.

You can check out their menu page for more details about the dishes that they offer.

The Flying Pig Spreading Its Wings

With over ten years of experience cooking good old Southern food, The Flying Big BBQ Catering has mastered the art of, well, BBQ! 

The business started in Medford but the passion for cooking BBQ was born from the South. The owners have joined lots of cooking contests back in Memphis, Tennessee such as the KCBS Variety Club BBQ Bash, TN Fun Fest, MS Springfest, and Southhaven. In fact, their specialty chicken dish topped in 2008 in two contests.

If you want to make reservations, give them a call now at 541-981-3746.