When talking about fun and exciting activities here in Klamath Falls, Epicenter should always be on top of your list. Why? Well, for starters, they have the COOL Cosmic which is a type of bowling where the lights are turned down and awesome special effects are turned on. The result is a bowling nightclub both for kids and adults.

This is the perfect place to have those special occasions like birthdays, parties, reunions, school activities, and company events. It's definitely for everyone! They offer discounts for these types of events and you can learn more about the rates and details here.

There are even bumper bowling lanes for kids so that they would be able to enjoy playing without having the balls fall into the gutters. You'll be able to see those smiles on the kids' faces. Not to mention, the place is also smoke-free!

What's also great about Epicenter is that it caters to bowling leagues. There are a couple of bowling leagues being held here such as the 9 Pin Tap, traditional leagues, and different premium leagues. However, you can still create your own leagues for your company, group of friends, local church or what have you.

Forming a league is pretty simple. You just have to create a small group whether it's your family, co-workers, friends or members of organizations that you belong to. After that, set up a scheduled time when you will be holding your event then Epicenter will take care of the rest. You can form a league with even 8 bowlers!

The Epicenter is located at 3901 Brooke Drive Klamath Falls. You can call them at 541-273-0700 to make reservations. Center hours are:

Monday: 11 AM - 10 PM

Tuesday - Friday: 11 AM - Midnight

Saturday: 9 AM - Midnight

Sunday: 9 AM - 10 PM