There are several obstacles that come from purchasing a home. Aside from the obvious obstacle of finances, which is mainly the reason why most people seem to be just contented renting a home. This is especially true for those who are sending their children to school, with all the school expenses they seem to be left with no choice but to put home purchase as least of their priority. For those who are single and just starting a career, they seem to be too overwhelmed with all of their expenses that they end up not thinking about the home purchase as well.

Some people find hard to allot some time to attend any meeting connected to the home purchase. They seem to be too occupied with their regular day to day work that they do not have any time to listen to seminars or even visit their desired home.  At the end of the day, they just end up renting a home than purchase it.

Another obstacle that comes from the home purchase is the uncertainty of decision. Some people seem to be uncertain about whether they will purchase or not. With all their uncertainty they seem to have lesser options in a home purchase. 


These obstacles are real, but they are manageable. You only need to be committed to home purchase if you really want it. Otherwise, you will end up not purchasing a home and just renting instead.