Elmer's Restaurant is one of those feel-good places where you can just sit down, relax, and enjoy fresh meals every day. They have a really nice setup that would make you feel at home. From breakfast until dinner, they will serve you tasty and delicious meals all day every day.

The restaurant was founded by a couple named Walt and Dorothy Elmer. It was first called Elmer's Colonial Pancake House because of their iconic pancake recipe that they have been constantly improving over the years. And yes, the pancakes never disappoint.

Elmer's Restaurant boasts of its business methods because it sources its ingredients from local farms so that it can create a community where everyone can benefit.

Daily Meals Offered At Elmer's Restaurant

Of course, dining here at Elmer's isn't complete without trying the Famous Buttermilk Pancakes. These are the pancakes that have been made from the original recipe of Walt Elmer's. You get to pick any fruit topping you want for a minimal charge. Choose from strawberry, cinnamon apple or Northwest triple-berry and have some whipped cream and powdered sugar on top of it.

Or how about Mr. Elmer's Omelet? It's literally pure awesomeness and goodness all in one plate. Hickory smoked ham, tomatoes, Swiss cheese, and the classic Hollandaise sauce is just pure perfection to kickstart your day.

There are even more dishes to choose from so if you want to know more, you can just check out their Menu Page on their website.

Elmer's Restaurant is located in different locations all over Southern Oregon but make sure you drop by here in Grants Pass whenever you around the city.