Five Ways to Save Water in Your Southern Oregon Homes and Properties


            Hydrogen must be saved! Here in your Southern Oregon home, you can definitely do so by doing these five easy things:


1.      Let the dishwasher work on its own. Have some trust on the appliance. If you do it on your own, huge chances are a big amount of water will be wasted.


2.     Update Your Home. Do this annual routine of checking every bit of your home. You must check if the pipes or plugs are good enough. This can fix leaking issues off the bat.


3.     Let the kids bath together. Yes, if you have more than one young kid, they can definitely take a bath together. It can be playtime too! See? Double the purpose!


4.     Take care of plants that don’t need much water. Your yard must undergo a makeover if the water is used too much. Check your plants now and get rid of those that need too much water.


5.     Don’t take too much time in the shower. Yes, the shower is a magical place where your own concert plays but is it really worth it to waste the water? As you take a bath, make sure that you are saving water too.