Free Things to Do in Southern Oregon


            Stuck in your home? Couldn’t find happiness in your property because you don’t have much cash to go out? Budget’s not enough to have some fun? Worry no more because there are a lot of leisure activities you can do just for free.


            You can stroll along the park and chill with your dog. When you visit parks, there are minimal offers of what to buy, so there are less temptations.


            Speaking of temptations, if you’re out of budget, you should visit places that won’t require money. Visit a lake or a river or mountain. Nature comes free when all else becomes pricey.


            Of course, the best thing that’s free is happiness. You may not have all the means for all that you want to do, but everything will be a greener pasture in your eyes when you appreciate the free things in life.


            So stay in your home and love your shelter. The feeling of home? That’s the freest thing in Southern Oregon.