If you love going on vacations and spending a nice relaxing time at resorts, then for sure, your dogs love that kind of feeling too. They are man's best friend and to be honest, they also feel the same way like we do. That's the reason why All Good Dogs Pet Resort came up with a solution of having a place dedicated entirely to taking care of your furry friends.

What do they do? They basically handle all of your dogs needs when you're away on a vacation or probably busy doing something. They have a 5-acre private facility that includes a dog park and a boarding home. It's the perfect place for dogs to have their own mini vacation while you are on yours. They have wooded areas, playrooms, and kennels where your dogs can be leash-free.

Now, you might be asking why there is a need for this kind of stuff. The things is, dogs are pack animals which means that they need to be with their owners or around other dogs most of the time. There's also a benefit for dogs who have been socialized with other dogs. Socialized dogs have a much better behavior than those which are not. This, in turn, brings safety to you, your family, and to your dog.

Membership Rates At All Good Dogs

Membership rates start at $22/month for your first dog but it gets down to $16/month for every succeeding dog that your register. The membership includes priority booking, use of greenhouse, dog park privileges, early morning drop-off, doggy day care, and reduced boarding fees.

For non-members, rates start at $22/day and $19 for each additional dog. You can learn more about their rates if you visit their website.

All Good Dogs is located at 15222 Antioch Rd. White City, Oregon. You can contact them at (541) 831-6923 or email them at allgooddogs@centurylink.net.