If you are in the planning stage in home purchase then it is important that you take note of the following. First of all, you should make a list before you start with the entire planning stage. It is always different when things are written because you have something to check in case there are some things that you missed. If you are talking to an agent then you should ask for some written paper on which you can check rather than just relying on what they say.

As you check on the list that you make, the best thing that you need to do next is to check if qualify for the home loan not unless you are willing to pay in cash. You need to check on banks that offer home loan so you can make sure that you have enough funds to pay your home purchase. You may also check some lenders for you to make other options. Just make sure that you have prepared a concrete plan beforehand so you know that you can settle your debt pertaining home purchase.


Make home renovation or home improvement part of your budget as well. As you purchase a home, you will have to make some room for the budget of your home renovation. This is especially true as your family is growing because you may need more rooms for them.