How to dress properly when meeting with real estate clients


            How you dress is how you represent yourself. Never underestimate the power of fashion. Question is: how do you dress properly so you can meet the real estate clients?


1.      Do not wear daring outfit


You have to opt for corporate attire instead. It seems unprofessional when your chest shows skin or your legs are very visible. For formal business transactions, you have to make sure you are presentable.


2.     Make sure your hair is neat


Truth is, clients also assess your personality. One of the things that comprise the criteria of an effective personality is the neatness of your appearance as well. When you are neat and clean then you are beautiful. As for your hair, it plays a vital role too. Have it combed properly or have it tied up in a clean ponytail. For the guys, the clean cut is preferable.


3.     Wear a smile


This is the most important fashion item you could wear and it comes for free. Yes, some clients may be rude and irritating but always remember that all the way, a smile should be worn.