How to Keep Your Cat Happy at Home

                Hello cat lovers in Southern Oregon! Do you keep your cats happy? If you don’t, these are some tips we can give you:

1. Make sure their plates aren’t empty

                Cats are very weird. You think they are done eating but they come back to their plates anytime they want to eat again. You must make sure that their plates are filled with food. Nobody is happy when they are hungry. Cats are no exception to that.

                P.S. There must be two plates. One for water and one for food.

2. Never pet their tummies

                Cats are very picky when you pet them. They never like it when you pet their tummy. Science says that it is very ticklish to them. They are angry when you touch their bellies.

                P.S.  Try petting the bottom of their chin. They love it!

3. Play with Them

                Give them time. Go to pet stores to buy toys for cats. They would surely love it. They will get energized and they would surely have fun!

                P.S. They love the colorful toys!

So keep your Souther Oregon home happy by keeping a happy cat.