If you're interested in learning about your roots and stories of the past, head over to the Jackson County Genealogy Library and start researching for precious historical gems. It's located in Medford in Southern Oregon and it holds one of the biggest genealogical collection from Portland, Oregon to Sacramento, California.

One of the society's goal is to spark an interest among people when it comes to genealogy, but at the same time, maintain and grow its collection of valuable historical records. The society has a vast collection of important records such as pioneer, birth, death, and marriage records. It continually acquires more resources either through donations, memberships fees, gifts, and purchases.

Services Offered

Interested persons can take up classes such as Genetic Genealogy, history of countries, handwriting techniques, and lots more.

If you want to have access to some historical records either for educational or personal reasons, the society will let you have access to its records free of charge. But for some records that were acquired via purchasing, there is a nominal charge just enough to cover the costs for the records.

If you are having a hard time doing your research, you can also get the services of the staff but you have to pay $15/hour.

Whenever you're in Medford, take time to stop by the Jackson County Genealogy Library. It's really worth a visit because you'll learn so much information here.