Find medicinal plans on Ashland property.North Mountain Park is a beautiful Ashland property that offers residents a variety of recreational opportunities. Come out for a stroll, to look for birds, visit the Nature Center, or take part in a fun outing. A chance to participate in a guided activity, titled Medicinal and Edible Plant Walk, is coming up on September 18, 2016. Erin Krenzer and Lauren Kemple, who are environmental educators who also teach herbal gardening, will lead the walk that will take place from 2:30 p.m. until 4:00 p.m. Anyone ages 12 and over are welcome to participate. The cost is $8 per walk. There is a limited number of spaces and registration closes on September 16, 2016, so be sure to claim your spot soon.

Live in Ashland and Enjoy North Mountain Park

View many plants that grow near your Ashland property and learn more about their medicinal attributes. There are many healing and edible plants found in the gardens and along the ethnobotanical trail. Be sure to bring a notepad to take notes on how to identify and properly harvest the useful plants. Also hear about myths, current uses, and the various forms of research being done with medicinal plants. All who live in Ashland are invited to come learn more about the plants that are right at their back door. Register for the walk online at the Ashland Parks and Recreation website or give the Nature Center a call at 541.488.6606.