There are lots of nature or outdoor parks all over Southern Oregon and it's one of the reasons why this place is really an amazing place to live in.  One of these parks is Hardy Riffle County Park which is located in .

It's close by the Rogue River so there's a lot of fun outdoor activities that you can do here from fishing, swimming to nature tripping. You can spend your time here with families and friends so you can have a little bit of relaxation time. There are lots of places to stay near the park such as the Fishing Oregon Guide Service and the KOA Journey.

How To Get To Hardy Riffle Park?

Your best entry point would be Gold Hill since it's the closest city to the park. It's just a 7-minute drive away if you take Route 234. Just keep on going then turn right on John Day Drive.

It's really a nice and peaceful place. There's not a lot of crowds that could disturb you from whatever you will be doing. Whenever you're around Gold Hill, make sure that you drop by Hardy Riffle Park.