There might be cheaper way to exercise like running but if you want to have a complete exercise then you can best get it in gyms like LePari's Sports and Fitness. The best thing about these gyms is the fact that they have equipment that you can use. They also have personnel that are knowledgeable when it come fitness program which will surley make the most out of your stay in the gym. As you take advantage of this you will surely have a better exercise which will result to healthier version of you. 

Nonetheless, this may require you to spare some time. You can either visit gyms like LePari's Sports and Fitness during early morning so you can have a renewed energy for the rest of the day or you can also drop by after your long hours at work. Now, both of these times have it's own advantage and disadvantage. Yet, no matter what time you choose the key is always to the level of commitment you give

It is indeed very important that you ate committed because you sign up for any gym. Remember, you are paying for this and not going there means wasting your money. You also need to make sure that aside from going to the gym you also eat a balance meal. There is certainly no point of doing a full exercise when you still eat unhealthy food. It is vital that these two are always together. You can also enroll in gyms with your friends so you can encourage each other to stay committed until you have reach your desired result, which is to be healthy.