Lithia Park: A Haven in Ashland, Oregon

                The city of Ashland in Oregon makes the homeowners very happy and always on the go, because of the presence of Lithia Park. However, not every resident goes out and takes a visit. If you are one these residents then you should try going to Lithia Park.

                Here’s why:

                Lithia Park is the crown jewel as it is a 100-acre panorama of emerald lawns, tennis courts, picnic areas, playground equipment, and a sand-pit volleyball court. There are also dog friendly areas for those who want their dogs and environment to be both clean at the same time.

                The ambiance of Lithia Park is also very peaceful. The flowers are all around the area and the colors are very pleasing to the eyes. Lithia Park is indeed a must-go.

                Ashland homeowners should visit this park.

                And if you’re not a homeowner? Then you should be!