Living Coral: The Color of the Year in your Southern Oregon Home


            The year 2019 is here and in order to celebrate this new year, why don’t you turn your home into a color-themed. The color of the year is Living Coral and it suits the interiors of your home. Having your curtain and furniture colored in this design makes you trendy and gives honor to the festive celebration as well.


            Living coral is a pink-hued color and it is pleasing to the eyes. The color almost looks like the perfect blend between orange and pink. When they were caught in a tug-of-war, it became a perfect mixture.


            You can also buy flowers in a vase that are colored with this hue. Living Coral indeed is a great color to be used.


            Trendy and an honorary piece to open the year with a bang, Living Coral should be included in your Southern Oregon homes and properties.