Impromptu visits are the ones we least expect. So in these moments, we have to be ready. The question is . . . how? How do we make our guests feel comfortable with our home? Here are some tips.

-          Keep your home clean. Tidying your space will make the guests feel very comfortable. It has always been said that if a house isn’t attractive visually, it becomes attractive when it is neat and tidy. That is true. Visitors will be very impressed as soon as they see the cleanliness of the place. Also, this isn’t just for visitors’ sake. This is for you as a homeowner.


-          Make sure your fridge isn’t empty. Your hospitality could be shown when you offer some meal to your visitors. Make sure that there is good food stored in the fridge—one that doesn’t need to be cooked. It could be desserts like ice cream, muffin, or cake. Your visitors will appreciate it.


-          Have two sets of sheets. Who knows? Maybe your surprise guest is a very close friend who is up for an overnight stay. Of course, you would want him or her to feel comfortable during her whole night stay. Therefore, you should have two bed sheets. The backup bed sheet is for the visitor’s comfy stay.

Those are the tips in making your Medford home visitor ready! Do this and you’ll have no worries when somebody visits you without warning.