Medford, Oregon is a Musical Place:

Why You Should Attend Robbie Dacosta Open Mic


                Ever wonder why Medford residents have that fun vibe and that chill approach in life? Well, that is because Medford is a place where a lot of cool events happen.


                For instance, on Sunday (August 27, 2018), there is an Open Mic with Robbie Dacosta at Jefferson Spirits, Medford. As he strums his guitar and his voice echoes through the mike, everybody gets to enjoy the feeling of the music.


                If you don’t have plans to join yet then you should consider attending this event. We all have stresses in our lives. We all have exhaustions and problems to deal with. Just a few hours of chill and listening to Robbie Dacosta’s symphony will get us relaxed and calm.


                This is what you get for being a resident of Medford. It is having the feeling of relaxation and calmness.


                Medford homeowners and non-Medford homeowners? See you there!