The city of Medford is unstoppable when it comes to gaining tourists. Rogue River is one of the reasons why.

                Rogue River is very picturesque. It flows so beautifully and its sound echoes on the horizon. You will feel connected to nature in a deeper sense. Also, you can get Instagram-worthy pictures and they don’t even need filters just by looking at the view.

                You can also spend some time fishing in Rogue River. Catch those fishes in a very relaxing way. Not only you get to feel the aquatic hunting but you can also get to enjoy the tranquil ambiance. Yes, it is fishing with a lovely scenic view.

                Also, rafting is very fun here. Find the adventurer within you as you raft across the river. You will surely smile, grin, and laugh as you take on the roller coaster-like water adventure.

                Visit Medford now. Visit Rogue River.