Meet bears who call Grants Pass home.Right next door to a Grants Pass home, abandoned or injured animals find second chances. Stop in and see what kinds of creatures are being helped at the Wildlife Images Rehabilitation Center. Created with the intent to heal and release wildlife as well as educate the public, the center assists over 1,000 animals in distress annually. Beginning in the 1980’s many animals have been rehabilitated on this piece of Grants Pass real estate with the hope of one day releasing them back into the wild. Those found to not be releasable have gone onto advancing the effort of educating both young and old on the needs of conservation

Grants Pass Real Estate Owners Meet Grizzly Bears and Bald Eagles

Although the Center’s mission is to return animals to the wild, there are several permanent residents. Local favorites include the Grizzly sibling team of Kodi and Yak. Arriving from Alaska as young cubs, it is believed their mother was killed by a territorial male bear. Wildlife Images determined they were too curious toward humans to be sent back after maturity. Fans of feathered friends love both Ms. Jefferson, a bald eagle, and Aurora, the turkey vulture. Both birds are believed to have fallen out of their nests resulting in life altering injuries. Now they call Wildlife Images their Grants Pass home. Guided tours are available for those seeking to meet these amazing beasts. Wonderful success stories have been written here, and a visit to Wildlife Images helps an animal in need as this non-profit runs solely on donations.

Get a glimpse of the rehabilitation process in action. Check out videos online of Wildlife Images release of eagles back into their natural habitat. Marvel at these majestic creatures as they stretch their wings and soar back out into the wild. Get behind this wonderful organization and visit today.