Why is everybody going crazy about Memo's Kitchen? Well, it's because they serve only the some of best Mexican-American dishes in Medford, Oregon. It's a multicultural restaurant that offers delicious, healthy, and fresh breakfast and lunch meals.

Memo's Kitchen has been around for about 4 years now and they have been satisfying the cravings of the people of Medford and its surrounding areas. From quesadillas, tacos, sandwiches to burgers, there's always a hearty meal that would greet your starving appetite the moment you enter that door.

The kitchen boasts of its authentic and high-quality cooking. The chefs are very skilled that they can deliver any Mexican-American dish that you want. They only use fresh ingredients and they make everything from scratch.

What's also great about Memo's Kitchen is that they serve their food in huge portions. They're very generous about servings so you won't leave the restaurant hungry and unsatisfied.

Memo's Kitchen's Delicious Breakfast Meals

Start your day right with the kitchen's favorite breakfast offers. At $10.29, you'll have a full breakfast meal that would get you going all throughout the day. Check out the Huevos Rancheros which is made of 2 eggs in a fried tortilla then smothered with a sauce of your choice and melted cheese. It also comes with refried beans, fries, onions, peppers, and tortillas.

Come and visit Memo's Kitchen here at 1124 Court St. or you can call them at 541-7797-0205. Operating hours are from Mondays through Sundays from 6:00 AM - 2:30 PM.