Mountaineering in Roxy Anne Peak: Medford’s Tourism Attraction


            Located in a City Park in Medford, Roxy Anne Peak is one of the city’s top tourist destinations. Its height is 2,200 ft above the city and the view gives you the scenery of the surrounding valley’s pics.


            Roxy Anne is a dormant volcano that rests in the middle of Rogue Valley. It also sits in the middle of Prescott Park, a park that’s been left for natural vegetation. The best part is you can see deer, cougars, and bears here.


            Climbing is such a fun experience as you will feel really close to nature. It is open the whole year round but of course, no hiking is allowed during inclement weather. Snowstorms, thunderstorms, don’t climb so you’ll stay safe.


            Visit Medford now to avail this opportunity to climb in one of the best mountains in the world. Roxy Anne Peak truly gives the wonderful vibe of adventure.