The Neutral Color for Your Nursery Room

                So you are expecting a little bundle of joy but you don’t know the gender yet? Baby girl or baby boy? Now you want to decorate the nursery room…well, you can! There’s no need to stop yourself. You can do this by standing on neutral ground… in neutral colors!

                You can choose these colors:

-          Green (preferably pastel)

-          Grey (you could make designs of a storm)

-          Beige (keep it plain. This is a classy color)

-          Khaki (while choosing this color, you could perhaps make a design that relates to the environment)

-          Yellow (this color symbolizes the sun and your child? He or she is the light of your life so it fits, right?)


Refer to the colors above if you are planning to decorate and paint your nursery. These neutral colors can fix your dilemma. Go ahead and start your nursery room now!