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Nov. 16, 2018

Three Things to Make Your Southern Oregon Home Anxiety-Free


Three Things to Make Your Southern Oregon Home Anxiety-Free


            Recently, there have been cases of anxiety. The numbers are getting higher and the situation is getting more chaotic and out of hand. You can help yourself overcome anxiety at home. Here are the three things you should do in order to overcome your anxiety at home.


1.      ORGANIZE. When you organize your stuff, things go in order. Things get clean. When you live in a clean and organized environment, then it becomes stress-free. On top of it, while you organize them yourself, your mind turns busy and you get rid of anxious thoughts.

2.     GET MOTHER NATURE. It may be in a form of a picture frame of the ocean on your wall. It may be a curtain showing birds. It may be plants placed in the corners of your home. Just as long as it deals with Mother Nature, then you are surely in for a relaxing anxious-free treat in your Oregon home.

3.     DO WHAT YOU WANT. If you identify something that makes you stress-free then make it a part of your home. When your anxiety disappears while reading magazines, make sure the magazines are placed on the living room table. When your anxiety disappears with the color blue, then change everything into blue. The power is yours. It is in you.


Do these now so you can get rid of your anxiety.

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Nov. 15, 2018

Southern Oregon Homes Without Garage: How to Sell Them

Southern Oregon Homes Without Garage: How to Sell Them


            “Where’s the garage?” A lot of clients say upon seeing the home you are selling to them. When you tell them that there’s no garage, then there’s a huge X coming from them.


            Garages have been in demand lately. It seems like homes are not good enough when there’s no garage. But we will provide tips on how to make a home without a garage sell.


            Here are the tips:


Study the neighborhood. This is important because here you can identify whether a garage is essential or not. Study about the crime rate or just simply look at the other homes. If most of the homes of don’t have garage as well, then it’s not an issue. If the residents are good without a garage, then it has something to do with the community. You will feel the same way too.


Check all the spaces inside the house. Here’s a fun fact: some garages are not really used to store cars, rather they turn into stock rooms. Old stuff is stored inside the garage until they are covered in cobwebs. Why not just put them in the attic or basement? Or in a vacant room? If the home already has these spare spaces inside then there is no need for a garage.


Offer to construct a garage. Sure, you can definitely do that if the space allows you to. When it’s possible and when the client demands then you can offer construction. Plus, constructing the garage will help the client make come true the garage of their dreams.

Nov. 9, 2018

Gray Isn’t Boring For Your Southern Oregon Home

Gray Isn’t Boring For Your Southern Oregon Home

                It turns out that gray isn’t just the color of your gradma’s hair. Actually, gray is a stellar color you can use for your home. Some people may say that gray is unlikely and “boring”. The truth is gray isn’t boring at all. It is the right kind of minimalist.

                Gray is the perfect fit if you opt for class in your home. Gray is a color that screams first class without you realizing it. There is sophistication to it.

                Also, the color is very pleasing to the eyes. Not only it can sooth your sight, but it can make you feel relaxed. While dark colors are actually piercing to look at, gray is the perfect color for a relaxation after a stressful day at work.

                Gray isn’t a boring color at all. Try it in your homes. You surely will discover the sophisticated person in you.

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Nov. 8, 2018

Thanksgiving Recipes You Shouldn’t Forget in Southern Oregon

Thanksgiving Recipes You Shouldn’t Forget in Southern Oregon


                The turkey is the star of Thanksgiving but there are also other recipes that you could try. Make sure that you serve your guests and your loved ones these menus in order to make Thanksgiving more meaningful.


Sweet Potato Casserole


                It is surely mouth-watering as buttery mashed sweet potatoes are served and also are crunchy pecan topping. Who could resist this?


Green Bean Casserole


                Aside from sweet potato, green beans can also turn into an unforgettable dish for the annual event. Green bean casserole is made up of crispy onion, fresh green beans, and creamy sauce.


Parker House Rolls


                Serve an All American food in an All American event. This is more than just bread. This is light, buttery, and yeasty piece of heaven.


Butternut Squash Soup


                Wouldn’t it be nice to serve some soup to the visitors’ tummy? In this soup, you must simmer butternut squash in broth with sautéed onions, afterwards puree and season.


Baked Potato


                People love potatoes no matter which form they are. Simple as that. Make it baked so that the Thanksgiving season won’t break!

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Nov. 7, 2018

Habits You Should Develop at your Southern Oregon Home

Habits You Should Develop at your Southern Oregon Home

                The habits that you should develop at home are found on the list below. They are what you should do every day in order to maintain the beauty of your place.

                1. You Should Make It a Habit to Check Dusts in all Spaces and Corners

                If you don’t see one, then better try to look again. The thing about dirt is that it is not visible at first glance. You have to look closer. If you make this a habit, you are 100% guaranteed to have a clean surrounding.

                2. You Should Make It a Habit to lock all Doors

                Keep yourself safe every time you do this. Even though your place has low-crime rate, it is not a guarantee that someone’s not going to bust into your door or steal something. Make sure that you prioritize your safety by doing this.

                3. You Should Make It a Habit to Read Home Magazines

                Why should this be a habit? This should be a habit in order for you to be aware on what are the latest trends in the home industry. Once you are updated, you get to innovate your own home too.

                It’s all about habits. Make sure you develop these.

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Nov. 3, 2018

Keep These Home Stuff Away From Children

Keep These Home Stuff Away From Children

                Yes, your children might be at home but are you sure that they are safe? We will help you out with their safety. Below is the list of home stuff you must keep out of their sight.

-          Sharp Objects (Knives, scissors)

This is very common with knives. Make sure that your knives are hidden and are not within children’s reach. Better keep them in a cabinet or somewhere high.

-          Alcohol and Pesticides

Your kid is going to get rushed in the hospital just by drinking a single drop. They are going to get killed. So, better keep them away.

-          Medicines

This is very harmful. Once they intake even just a tablet or capsule, they will surely get sick and their situations might get worse. Better keep the meds away of the curious children’s sight.

                Haven’t kept them away already? We trust that you will check all these in your home after reading this article. Remember: Safety is always number one.

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Nov. 2, 2018

Christmas Decorations for Your Home

Christmas Decorations for Your Home

                Christmas is fast approaching so it’s time to start buying some decorations. These decors will make your home look really good especially in the month of December. The time is near and the countdown is getting more intense so it’s time to get those decors ready.

                What are the decors you need?

·         Christmas Tree

Christmas is never complete without the tree. This pine tree covered in different colors of Christmas balls and candies, along with the iconic star on top is indeed the heart of your house the entire Christmas season. When the Christmas lights wrapped around it glows, you are wowed!

·         Santa Claus Figures

He is the notable human figure for Christmas. If you have kids, they are going to feel the magic with Santa figures. You are definitely going to love seeing your kids happy.

·         Candy Canes

Keeping the season sweet with candy canes is a must! Not only is it iconic but its white and red stripes are very pleasing to the eyes and to the tummy too!

                Buy what’s on our list now so you could be ready for the Christmas season!

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Nov. 1, 2018

How to Keep Your Cat Happy at Home

How to Keep Your Cat Happy at Home

                Hello cat lovers in Southern Oregon! Do you keep your cats happy? If you don’t, these are some tips we can give you:

1. Make sure their plates aren’t empty

                Cats are very weird. You think they are done eating but they come back to their plates anytime they want to eat again. You must make sure that their plates are filled with food. Nobody is happy when they are hungry. Cats are no exception to that.

                P.S. There must be two plates. One for water and one for food.

2. Never pet their tummies

                Cats are very picky when you pet them. They never like it when you pet their tummy. Science says that it is very ticklish to them. They are angry when you touch their bellies.

                P.S.  Try petting the bottom of their chin. They love it!

3. Play with Them

                Give them time. Go to pet stores to buy toys for cats. They would surely love it. They will get energized and they would surely have fun!

                P.S. They love the colorful toys!

So keep your Souther Oregon home happy by keeping a happy cat.

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Oct. 27, 2018

The Neutral Color for Your Nursery Room

The Neutral Color for Your Nursery Room

                So you are expecting a little bundle of joy but you don’t know the gender yet? Baby girl or baby boy? Now you want to decorate the nursery room…well, you can! There’s no need to stop yourself. You can do this by standing on neutral ground… in neutral colors!

                You can choose these colors:

-          Green (preferably pastel)

-          Grey (you could make designs of a storm)

-          Beige (keep it plain. This is a classy color)

-          Khaki (while choosing this color, you could perhaps make a design that relates to the environment)

-          Yellow (this color symbolizes the sun and your child? He or she is the light of your life so it fits, right?)


Refer to the colors above if you are planning to decorate and paint your nursery. These neutral colors can fix your dilemma. Go ahead and start your nursery room now!

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Oct. 26, 2018

Why the Bathroom is a Concert Hall

                Grab a towel, shut the door, and turn the shower on. You simply aren’t just going to take a bath but you are going to perform your greatest song ever. Yup, that’s right! The bathroom isn’t just a bathroom. It is a concert hall.

                When songs are stuck inside your head, you tend to sing it out loud! Question is: Why do you sing it in the bathroom?

                The secret is this: bathroom tiles don’t absorb sound. What happens is that your voice bounces back and forth before it fades. The place itself is a natural microphone.

                To add to that, scientific research has proven that whenever water rushes to the surface of a person’s skin, then there is a relaxing sensation.

                Now we understand. Go grab your towels now and get inside the bathroom to have a one of a kind concert!

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