Pass a Home Inspection through these 11 Steps

                When you want to put your house up for sale, one of the most frightening stage is the home inspection. There’s that moment when sweat comes out of your pores and your fingers tremble with anxiety. But to help you out, we have listed 11 steps for you to pass your home inspection.

1. Clean Your House

                If you read our blogs, then you sure are familiar with this step. Of course, no one wants to go inside an untidy house, let alone inspect it. To create a good impression, the house you live in must be neat and tidy.

2. Empty Appliances

                To make the inspector’s job easier, you should empty the appliances such as the refrigerator or oven. This way the inspector can do his job properly. You are helping him out.

3. Make Access for Attic, Basement, and Garage

                These aren’t the usual places homeowners stay in but they sure are purposeful. Make sure you let the Inspector check these three because they are essential to those next potential homeowners.

4. Watch Out for Plumbing Leak

                Believe it or not, some do freak out when they hear a tiny drip from faucets. Be mindful of this. Fix this as soon as possible.

5. Check the GFCI Electrical Outlets

                Those outlets which are located in places (e.g. kitchen and bathroom) that often get wet should grab your full attention. Make sure the GFCI works well to avoid fire incidents.

6. Climb up the Roof

                Make it sure that the gutter in your roof has no dirty stagnant water. If yes, get rid of it. Also, make sure that there aren’t any loose materials such as nails.

7. Get Rid of Termites

                Once the Inspector sees the termites or any insect that cause nuisance then your chances of passing are very thin. Terminate these termites when you still have the time.


8. Show Your Documentation of Maintenance

                If your house has undergone repairs before or there were emergencies where it needed maintenance, then show the documents as proof to the Inspector. That way you could attest to him that your home is indeed well-maintained in the duration of your stay.

9. Be on Time for the Inspector

                Be there early. You don’t want to aggravate someone’s mood because of your poor punctuality especially the Inspector. By being early you’re helping the inspection start out in a good mood.

10. Prepare 3 Hours of Your Time

                That’s the truth: inspection takes a lot of time. Be sure that you have already put it in your schedule. To avoid conflicts with appointments, organize your time well with this.

11. Be Honest

                That’s the final step and possibly the hardest. But when you apply honesty to home inspections then you are also helping out the buyer!