Live in Ashland and get creative.Creativity surrounds those who live in Ashland at the Ashland Art Center. Located in the heart of downtown, this Ashland property is filled with a variety of artists and others who support the local arts community. Three floors are filled with workshops, gallery space and classrooms. Dedicated to providing support to local artists and to encourage artistic expression in surrounding neighborhoods the center is a place of wonder and ongoing artistic growth.

See Local Art at this Ashland Property

Galleries highlight collections from local artists that live in Ashland. Exhibits rotate out on a monthly basis so there is always something new to see and be inspired by. Creators are often perfecting their craft on site, and willingly answer questions and interact with guests. An art supply store is also on hand for those who become inspired in the process.

True to their mission, the Ashland Art Center offers an extensive variety of classes to the public. Possible subjects vary from ceramics and photography to printmaking and fiber art. Available for both youth and adult, the Ashland Art Center goes a step further in encouraging those with special needs to participate as well.

The Ashland Art Center is open daily from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. More information regarding upcoming classes is available on the website as well as The Artist’s Voice online newsletter which is filled with the latest happenings.