If you are too tired to cook but wanted to eat some home-cook meal then you can drop by Punky’s Diner and Pies. The best thing about the food that they offer is that it will give you the feeling that you have never really leave your home. Even if you are eating outside you can still feel the comfort of eating some good meal at home. It is also best that you visit this place with your family. You can make this as an activity after a long and tiring week at work and school for your kids.

You can choose from morning to dinner meals that are all home cooked. With their wide variety of choices that you can choose from, you can never have too much as you visit this place as often as you can. For breakfast meal, they offer set meals and individual meals which are both very tasty and healthy. What you just must do is to try some food from the menu and not the usual food that you eat for you to experience something new and you can have better judgment on what to order the next time.


A home-cooked meal from Punky’s Diner and Pies is both tasty and healthy. This will also be a good training for your kids in eating healthy meals. You can also have a good bonding time as a family as you indulge yourself with their food.